Thursday, February 16, 2012

eat. vday celebrate. be merry. say goodbye

 vday breakfast was made early this past saturday. this is one of the best traditions for 3  reasons:
1. croissants  // 2. french toast // 3.eggsojchocolcatechipmuffinstrawberrys 
but not necessarily in that order


valentines day 2012 was spent at home with my stone celebrating love,
the way it should be celebrated! with food and cards and dessert
yessss! little baby grill grilling. it was like a mini campfire.
 only instead of cooking marshmallows we were grilling barbecue salmon. and by we, i mean stone.

and tonight is the night i have been trying to pretend will never get here
it's my last night until September at home in my apartment with my stone! 
tomorrow morning it will be a sad goodbye before i head off to work :(

oooh life. 
what a fun//exciting//sad//crazy adventure you are


Rissy said...

I'm embarrassing because it made me a little teary that tonight's your last night before he takes off : (


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww but at least you guys spent his last night in a wonderful, sweet way.

Sarah said...

aw :( you have me feeling a little sad too. but just think of all the little adventures you'll have going to see him :) ps. you're totally handling this way better than I would...haha so that says a lot!!!!

aaaaaand if you ever need an extra travel buddy, I'm your girl. I'm always up for going to watch some baseball....and meet some hotties :)

enjoy your day!! xoxo

Young and Fabulous said...

awww chelseas you're going to be SOO okay I know it! think of all the fun adventures you can have while he is away, preparing for his return home? How bout a CITY WIDE scavenger hunt!!!

keep your chin up! which I know you will because youre so strong!!

and if stone plays near the northeast and you go watch him, you best come see MEEEEE!!


wildchild said...

ughhhh last nights are the worst. I always think of the Carrie underwood song that talks about "the night before life goes on". Thinking of you today and tomorrow <3 enjoy your last few hours!

Bethany said...

omgahhhh im going to cry! this is so sad! im glad yall had such a wonderful vday!! :(

Katie said...

Cute cards. Little A did a great job too! Glad you guys had fun.

Nicole Rene said...

awwww looks like an adorable day!!!! :) How precious! My bf did nothing cutesy or exciting, he's not a valentine's day guy but oh well haha

jayme said...

i'm really upset tonight is the last night until september. like, seriously upset. soak it up, as i know you all will.

xo enjoy your evening with mr. stone!

Nicole Marie said...

the heart plate is too cute!

Lauren said...

You guys are such a great couple! I love all your V-day stuff! SO CUTE! I hope the goodbye isn't to hard on you! Stay strong!


Renee said...

Oh Chels! I love the cards!! They are so cute!! :) Have one last fun night with your boy! Love you!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i am really enjoying the fork/blueberry picture.

Lia Joy said...

Looks like a fun Valentine's day! So sorry about Stone leaving. The good thing is it's a "see you later" not forever goodbye! :)

One of my best friends is married to a baseball player (plays for the A's organization) and I watch her go through the same goodbyes every year! Chin up! :)

Marshall said...

nooooooo. I hope you ditched work to spend more time together!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hopefully, time will pass quickly!

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