Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is for Sponsors! // part I

ready or not, February is here!
{did you say rabbit, rabbit, rabbit} i did. at 5 am. because i want lots of lucky vibes!

February.. the month of love
the month of my brothers birthday
the month of spring training and my stonebug leaving, boo. saaad face.

and the month for bloggie sponsors!

yippy. sponsors!

make some friends::


   Hi new friends. I know why you're here. Because you love Chelsea's blog and that's why I'm here too! My name is Lauren, a new native to Alabama (Roll Tide). I got married in November to my very own baseball man. I started writing my blog two years ago to survive the long distance. It has turned into a nice hobby for me being a stay-at-home-wife. 
I write about ALL kinds of things over at LaurenDarlings my favorite being projects I create and sew. I've started an online shop and it is currently under construction as I decided and create new products I want to sell. I also share stories of our nomadic lifestyle, lessons I'm learning in marriage, and everything in between. This is also my favorite picture from our honeymoon. We are very adventurous and love to have fun!


My name is Samantha and I blog over at petite femme jolie
The cutie in the pic above with me is my handsome boyfriend of 4+ years, Ryan!
I'm a midwestern-living lady who loves to bake, travel, craft, and blog!  
I like to plan weddings on Pinterest, dress the children I don't have on Pinterest, and decorate homes that i'll never be able to afford....on Pinterest. {Come on, you can admit it too.}
Please visit my blog and say hello! 
...And a BIG thank you to Chelsea for letting me sponsor her lovely blog this month!

Hi Choose to be Happy followers!! I'm pumped to be sponsoring the sweet and gorg Chelsea!
I'm a nurse and I blog over at This Won't Hurt A Bit
Don't let the name fool you though... I don't just blog about random nurse-y stuff.
I blog about much more including life, fashion, recipes and an occasional DIY project... 
with the random nurse story thrown in there sometimes!
I love meeting new bloggers so I hope you'll drop by and holla at yo girl! 
(Yo girl = ME, in case you got confused!)
I kid... but no really, come visit me!



HI! I am so excited to be sponsoring Chelsea (isn't she the sweetest) and I absolutely LOVE her blog. A lil about me: I'm a 28 year old chica who is learning to love and laugh my way through life. My blog, Tales from my Fairytales, is just about my lil corner of the universe. Everyone lives their own little fairytale, and these are just stories about mine : )
Hi Y'all! My name is Katie and I'm a graphic designer and photographer. I live in Atlanta, but am a native Texas girl. I have a weird obsession with chairs and nutella. You can find me most days hanging out with my boyfriend at the local thrift shops...or with my not-so-little Lab, Yellah Dog.  
The Design Archives is the blog counterpart to my vintage store on Etsy. It's where my love of all things beautiful-old and new-goes to play. 

Hello! My name is Amy.  I like tea, frozen yogurt, and a good movie or book to snuggle up to and watch.  I have three furbabies: 2 cats and a puppy.  I go to nursing school part-time, while doing other things, like opening my new shop, my business, and blogging.  My blog is partly about my life's adventures and the lessons I learn, but also about things that inspire me (and thus, hopefully you!) in this big, beautiful world.  From fashion to health & wellness, my blog is as scatterbrained as I am!  I opened up Charming Life Studio in January 2012 along with a shop.  I have been a photographer for fine art, portraits, and events since 2007 and I love it all very very much.  Feel free to stop by!  Have a wonderfully, charming day! =)


yaaaaay. yay!
**more sponsor intros this week! 
**aaand if you are interested in sponsoring email me here