Wednesday, April 4, 2012

road trip road trip!

i had one last little boyfriend beachy trip hiding up my sleeve
an ole fashioned road trip
and i'm pretty glad i did, because it was deee-lightful! 
these trips are always so good for my heart.
i really recommend them
or whatever makes your heart the happiest!

so here are just a few of my insta favoritios for now... 
cute shoes make long, long drives muuch more appealing
the greatest beach meal in all the land
aquarium fun from trip 1 and my stone packing up before heading to pa!

oh i miss him. and the palm trees, see you next spring training clearwater
stay pretty!


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

So where in PA is Stone going to be playing? Lehigh Valley? Can't wait for your visit to PA to visit him so we can meet! :)

melanie said...

so so cute!! is that mcdonalds ice cream i see? my fave!
ps. what's your instagram name??

Michelle (michabella) said...


Sami said...

So glad you got to go visit him for Spring training twice! It's so pretty there, you can't go wrong :)

Ashley Slater said...

wait, you drove to clearwater?!? or, is it really not that far..... orlando was only about 7 hours from atlanta so I guess its not terrible! so glad you got to see your man again! :)

love you. duh.


Michelle P said...

Looks like fun!

Rissy said...

stone is in PA.... which means Chelsea will be in PA... which means Rissy and Chelsea WILL blate! EEEKKK

Beth said...


Riley said...

These pictures make me so happy! Can't wait until the weather's like that up here in chilly New England :)

Nicole said...

looks so gorgeous there. hope it was a blast!

Kay said...

Gorgeous! I have been dying for a beach vaca..

Raquel said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you two had a great time :)

alexis @ bloomed in june said...

i would LOVE to have that same wonderful beach road trip as you...and i have to say, that does look like the best beach meal around ;)

Somewhere In Between said...

BEACH!!!! I love the beach and it looks like you had a blast.

Ashley said...

this post makes me feel finally-friday-happy, ice-cream-with-sprinkles-happy, Hunger-games-premiere-happy....H&M-Sale-happy! :)

Anonymous said...

You need to let me know when you come up here to visit him!!

Sabrina Says said...

Ughhh all of these pictures are SO beautiful!!

A. I love beer. B. I love waffles. C. I love you.

I believe we should add these up sometime. If you ever come visit I will have waffles and beer on hand, deal?

Looks like you had a blast!

Sabrina Says

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photos look fabulous!! Glad you had a great time together!

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