Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

we had a long weekend and it was a good one. so there was Easter egg dying! and church and new macbook learning, and a lot of pool time. {where quite possibly the largest game of flip cup took place} and a special going away party for a special neighborfriend who we will miss dearly! she is off to Austin,  Texas. and while i don't have much experience with the city, i do with a boy by that name and that experience has been pretty good you know , so i am thinking her experience will be too!  i did make sure to bring her all the pool party necessities. water gun, sidewalk chalk and ring pops. yes. yes. yes. sweetest caroline we will miss you!


Danielle said...

I'm going to come to your next pool side party -k? Because in Seattle, we don't get a lot of sun. And I'm in need of some sun. With a pool nearby. And possibly a water gun.

Lindsey said...

So jealous of your MacBook! I need onnnneeee! Your eggs are so pretty. Way cuter than mine!

Samantha said...

Macbok Pro!!! I'm so jealous!!!

Ashlee said...

How lovely!! My parents house has a Pool but the boyfriends house does not...which is okay because we are about 2 miles from the beach. But I do miss being poolside. :) This summer my parents might have a view vistors because I might be up there alot ha. :)

Glad you had a wonderful weekend..and YES, I think Monday needs to be apart of the weekend..Very much Agreed!!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love your pics! Looks like a great weekend.


Jessica Wray said...

oh how wonderful- you got a macbook! You're gonna love it and probably never ever ever go back to a pc!

Rebecca said...

awesome post! love the pics =]
the eggs look so pretty!
& btw youre flippin gorgeous!

Valerie Griffin said...

looks like an awesome weekend!

Elissa said...

your going away gift looks fabulous! and I bet you're obsessed with your macbookpro, my best friend just got one and is obsessed with hers!

jayme said...

DEFINITELY IN FOR ADDING MONDAY TO THE WEEKEND!!!!!!! ...i got a macbook air for graduation and i feel like i'm not using it to its fullest potential. if you find some things i just neeeeeed to know, please tell me what you find interesting! xoxoxooxox

miss ya girl... ps, i may be planning a trip to atlanta in july... keep your fingers crossed! xo

Lindsay Nicole said...

LOVE this! and Mac Pro? JEALOUS!

Natasha said...

You just seem to have the best weekends! xxx

alicia said...

your eggs came out so pretty! have a lovely weekend. xoxo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Did you get a macbook pro? I have the macbook and love it but want to upgrade soooo bad!!! Congrats if you did!

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