Wednesday, June 6, 2012

charlotte things

i traveled to the land of Charlotte the other weekend for a little bit of baseball 
and a lot a bit of boyfriend birthday celebrating
and while on this adventure i learned three nifty little things:

1. Charlotte loves fireworks. and they love selling them with tobacco, which is sort of funny & frightening at the same time.  i spotted a store on maaaybe every corner. and i suppose memorial day influenced us a bit because we ended up purchasing some sparklers for the lady and smoke thingys & rockets for the manboy
2. i'm really, really good at hangman. stone is not.
and 3. i can blow up 20 balloons and not pass out

 win, win! thanks charlotte for the lessons!


wildchild said...

20 balloons without passing out?? That's impressive! And I'm jealous of the sparklers. They're illegal here in NY :(

Young and Fabulous said...

dayyummm girl 20 baloons! i might die

hangman winner HOLLA!! I love that game...havent played in SO LONG!

your little weekend getaway sounded just perfect :-)


Anna H said...

So happy you enjoyed Charlotte! What's funny is that fireworks aren't actually legal in NC but are in SC. So all of us Charlotteans hop the border and pick ours up in SC. Also might be why we're all obsessed with Saturday night Knights games fireworks.

Rissy said...

Stone better be challenging some of his teammates to hang-man battles so you can stop embarrassing him ; )


Ashlee said...

How much fun! :)

I get winded by blowing up 3 balloons hahha. It takes me a while to blow up 20 if I have to..which I did for my 20th birthday, and it took a while. (Luckly I had help) hehe.

PS. I got your comment on my last post, and OF COURSE you can celebrate my birthday with me. It's on the 18th. whoo! haha

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It's crazy that they sell both in the same store.

Julie Foster said...

Charlotte is a beautiful city and its within driving distance, from where we live in Wilmington. Its not crazy for me to see fireworks and tobacco together, especially since I am from Tennessee. It would be weird, if they didn't for me!

I am glad that you enjoyed your visit!

Raven said...

that's pretty impressive about the balloon fact :) Glad that you still get to see the bf often, you two are definitely too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, good to know about being able to blow up 20 balloons and not pass out. Charlotte is crazy with their fireworks and tobacco though. Look out!

Fit With Flash said...

oh yeah, girl. fireworks are huge here. they're sold at the street corners AND in liquor store parking lots... good idea.

Ashley said...

is it ok if i start calling you lungs of steel? cool ;)

yay charlotte and birthday and anniversaries!

Sophie said...

looks and sounds awesome :) xx

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