Tuesday, June 5, 2012

happy 21st sweet wish!

my sweet little sister turns 21 years old today!
twenty. one! i can't even believe it.
funny enough, on that same summery june day just twenty one short years ago,
when i learned i had a new baby sister
i also learned i had the chicken pox
both my brother and i
 so while we could not go to hospital to meet her or hold her immediately,
i eventually was able to and i think it was love at first sight
she was my little baby doll
and my parent's "sweet wish"

bri may be my little sister
but i look up to her in so many ways
and i mean that with my whole entire heart.
she's the sweetest, most positive, most giving, creative, patient person i know. 
and really, i'm just lucky enough to be her older sister

happy birthday my cute blonde haired twin! 21 yay!


Ashlee said...

How Fun! Happy Birthday to your Sister.. :)

Cailin´s Place said...

Happy birthday to your sister!kisses!

Emily said...

Happy 21st to your sister!

xx Emily

Young and Fabulous said...

awwww happy birthday to your sissy! you girls look so much alike!!! :-)


jayme said...

21! JEALOUS!! ahh, there's nothing better than a 21st birthday party and having that very first alcoholic beverage. ;) and if ya ask me, you're the sweetest, most positive, most giving, creative, patient, and HAPPIEST person i know! XO

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to your baby sister! Time flies ... make it stop.

Raven said...

happy birthday baby sister!! Chelsea your whole family just seems amazing!!

Major Gal said...

I call my baby sister, Chandler my angel. She has the most perfect heart of anyone I know. We're ten years apart but so, so close. Happy birthday to your baby sis!!