Monday, July 2, 2012

it's gonna be a long hot summer

we had record setting heat this weekend in Atlanta!
it was a reeeallly hot one. but a good one
a really hot, good one! 
and now its officially July

it was a good weekend for...
pool time
pretty evenings
quiet reading before churching
and cupcakes! when a bff offers you a cupcake, you take cupcake. that's a really great rule 
and maaaybe a trip to the movie theater with some friendsicles to see magic mike :)


Ashley said...

We had very similar weekends!! Love these photos-- and you're SO right about the cupcake rule :) That one looks delish.

Sophie said...

i am so so so jealous. you don't even want to know what kinda weather is going on in the UK at the moment. it's embarrassing that they actually call this summer when summer doesn't even exist over here!
love your photos chels :)

Sarah said...

Love that you had a great weekend!! PS- is that the pool at your apt?! :D

Samantha said...

Looks like a pretty good weekend! Love when weekends are low key!

Ashley Slater said...

welllll this post made me miss you lots.... I hope you are going to be in town when I come through so we can have a little tin lizzy reunion :)

Ashlee said...

June seemed like it lasted forever and ever!! But now that july is here I am happy about it, I think it's going to be a good month. :)

We are having a Girls night to see Magic Mike this thursday..I am stoked!! LOL

Miss You, Pretty Lady!

Jessica Wray said...

that cupcake looks delicious!

wildchild said...

i love the title of this post :) and also, hooray for hot summer weekends! this sounds wonderful :)

Suz said...

Stopppp itttt. I have the purpose driven life next to my bed. LOVE it.

Beverly said...

Purpose Driven Life.. .one of the BEST if not THE best books I have ever read in my life!! I kept the journal up to date too, and it's one of the things i love to do once in a while... to sit and read my notes and where I was at in life, which totes makes me appreciate where I am now, and how I have grown... LOVE IT GOOORL!!

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