Monday, August 6, 2012

a miniature clay pot

one thursday night, i laid in bed wide awake unable to fall asleep.
 i kept thinking about the things i had been seeing on the news lately 
death and heartache and things worst fears are made of
i struggled with understanding why

 i think sometimes its hard to grasp how a kind, loving God
 could allow or not intervene in the suffering of those so undeserving
 i think most people eventually ask this question at some point in their life..
 i'm the type of person who has to deal with it in a way that make sense to me
so i googled. trying to find an answer until i fell asleep

the next morning, i woke up to breaking news of the events in Aurora, Utah
i learned a man took 12 innocent peoples lives and
 injured so many more while in a movie theater that night. 
it was such an ugly nightmare that happened to be every bit real

it felt strange to have such foreshadowing thoughts the night before.
i spent a lot of time again asking why? where was God in this?
and while i understood the roles of free will and Satan
i still struggled with it

a couple of days later i was led right to this post
written by a woman who was in the theater that night
her words are powerful
thought provoking
and i couldn't help but share it 

"God is good.   Man is not.   Don't get the two confused"


Rissy said...


I just love you.

The quote at the end says it all.

Hope you are having a good day sweet girl. September will be here before we all know it


Joey said...

Thank you for sharing this, Chelsea.

jayme said...

crazy because i read this same post the day after she wrote it on my phone and took a screen shot of where is says "god is always good. man is not. don't get the two confused."

so true.

Amy said...

Thank you so, SO much for sharing this. It is truly amazing.

Ashlee said...

This was powerful! Short, Sweet, and Powerful!

Thanks for Sharing that Link/Story with us!

- Ashlee Michelle

Kristin said...

I love the quote at the end. So simple and true.

Caitlin C. said...

This is so powerful! I needed to see this today. Thank you :)

Danielle said...

I actually just read that ladies post a day or two powerful! Great that you reposted!

I struggle with those same questions a lot too. I guess I usually end up settling it in my mind by simply saying we're NOT supposed to understand. If we understood God's ways then we as humans wouldn't need Him. But His ways are higher. And a mystery. I'm just thankful for ladies like this how boldly proclaim in Word in the midst of tragedy.

Sarah Burton said...

Love this. That quote is just perfect.

katOUT said...

The quote says it all...thanks for sharing.

christine donee said...

wow. thank you for sharing!

Lauren said...

God IS good... that's why we are friends. All you can do is be a light for Him, as I know you are.

Sarah Lynn said...

Loved this!! Thank you for sharing.

Emily said...

so powerful and true, although we forget this all the time. thanks for sharing!!

Suz said...

You will like this, and may already heard of it. And if you have- here is a reminder that God is great :)

There was a woman who got shot in the face that night. However, she happened to be born with a brain defect that actually saved her. If she had a regular brain she would have been immediately dead...but because of this brain defect the bullet was able to pass through her brain with little harm.

He might not have been able to stop this act of evilness, but He was able to prepare this woman for it.

Soph said...

I love this, very wise words from a fellow sister in Christ! <3 Keep up the good work, and i love your blog. (: You have a new follow!