Tuesday, August 21, 2012

an album release!

 today the little musician bee that is my one and only brother is on his merry way to atlanta
him and band actually
and some guitars and drums and stuff like that
because Dustin Lynch's debt album was released today! so neat!
and they just happen to be having this album release party in my city

perfeeect place to release it if you ask me. besides Nashville
which they sort of already already did last night when they were streamed live on cmt.com!
im reallly looking forward to watching them perform tonight and the new cd.
all songs are so very good and really fun
and i'm not juuuust saying that because that's what a big sister should say
i mean it
and the GAC agrees too!

so congrats Dustin!
and go colinboy!
 we are so excited to see what the future may bring


Sarah said...

Ahh that is so exciting!! Yayy Chelsea's little brother :)

Amy said...

How exciting!! I will definitely be listening to this album!

Ashlee said...

YAY!! So Exciting!!! I can't wait to have that album in hand! :)

Michaela said...

This is awesome! Love me some country. Can't wait to hear it :)

jayme said...

can i have his autograph!? and yours?!

Elissa said...

so exciting. I absolutely love cowboys and angels. yay for dustin and colin and the whole band!

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...
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Sarah Lynn said...

That is awesome!!! Just listened to him on youtube loveeeeee

Sarah Burton said...

Soooo exciting! I think of y'all every time I hear his songs on the radio. Congrats to the band!