Wednesday, August 15, 2012

circa 1997

once upon a time, it was 1997 and i was a little 11 year old version of myself.  
my family had just spent 3 weeks on Manomet Beach,
 renting the same cute house we had since i was a little babe.
and it was finally time for us to pack up and leave, 
time to say goodbye beach and hello middle school.

 and because i have always really loved to hang on to all sorts of memories, 
i thought, i'm going to leave a little note.
i'm going to tape it to the back of this picture frame and see it its there next summer.
so i did. and 365 days later, we returned
the note was still there. right where i left it. 
the owners found it that year, but kept it up.
and from then on,  every year for the next 10 years,
 before the summer ended and we headed home i would write a new little note.
 find another frame hanging on the wall and tape it to the back
filling it with trip recaps and things we did and what we liked and inside cousin jokes
 i loved coming back year after year seeing my notes. 
seeing what changed and what remained the same

 when 2007 rolled around my parents decided to buy their own house a mile or so down the beach
 so it was time for us to say a final goodbye to a house that held so many memories.
 we were excited of course, but a bit sad too
luckily for us, we weren't sad for very long
the next summer my aunt and uncle and my four cute cousins rented it
and have every summer since! 
its so great, getting to come back to this house and taking a peek in
my little cousins love looking for these old notes. and i do too
they are all still there.
 same place i left them a loooong time ago
so cute, really. i love that place


Amy said...

What a cute idea! That's so cool that you have notes from all of those years.

Ashley Slater said...

well that is just adorable!

meghan said...

Oh my gosh this is the neatest thing. I love that you're sharing it with us!!! I would absolutely love looking for those notes and seeing them year after year. Did you leave one this year?! I still would have! How fun!!

Greta said...

It is so nice the owners leave the notes up :)

Sarah Lynn said...

Love that idea. I'm always trying to keep everything to save the memories.

Cassie said...

how cool is that! great idea!!

yay for awesome memories!

Nicole said...

That is such a precious memory. And so special that it was ongoing for a FULL DECADE! I love it!

siddathornton said...

absolutely brilliant idea! what a special, sentimental thing to look forward to each year.

- lauren

Cristina said...

Cute idea!
Regards from Spain!
Un beso,

jackie said...

you are so sneaky! i love it. and i'm glad that your aunt and uncle still rent the house so that you can still see the notes :)

once upon a time, my friends and i went to a party in our college president's house (his niece went to our school and was house sitting for him) and we all signed the back of some painting that was on the wall. i wonder if he ever saw that...

Ashlee said...

How Cute, I Love it!!

My Family has a beach house but before we bought it my moms friend owned it and they had a little memory book they'd keep out so that the people who stayed there can write it in about their experiances while renting it out for the weekend or week...and we didn't know it was still there until about 2 years ago when I found it in the closet..(we thought the previous owner took everything of hers) but alas, I opened it and found years of letters and notes from my younger self..From 8-14yrs old. It was crazy. We asked her if she wanted us to send it too her and she said it was alright if we didn't want to. But, we took out the pages of our own writings..framed them, hung them up so we could remember how long we've spent there and the memories...and then mailed her the rest. :)

It's the little things.. :)

-Ashlee Michelle

Sarah Burton said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Just found my new vacation tradition.

Kelly - TheNODramaMama said...

Hey! Just found you through the Coast to Coast directory...I'm in the ATL area too! Looking forward to following you!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I love that they kept the notes up! How special!