Friday, August 3, 2012

i heart august

for a couple of important reasons:

so welcome august!
 i'm happy you are here!


Ashlee said...

How much Fun!

I Love August as well. Except for how hott it gets, that is not fun at all! haha

jayme said...

i have to admit... this baseball season went by quickly to me. but i'm guessing you'd say the opposite. :)

Heather Davidson said...

in college, my roommate's boyfriend (now husband) played baseball and every year we would do a household countdown until the season ended. she definitely felt your pain! but, they made it through it :)

Nicole said...

I love August too! Summer is the best for all the reasons for listed... plus more! Hope all is well :)

Ashley said...

beach trip and baseball over.....this must be your most favorite month ever...i think we need to add #4...hang out with ashley at some point because she misses you so...on there ;)