Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i heart you, manomet

aaaand i'm back!
back to the real world
because that's how life goes
but it was pretty fun to let it go on without me for a little bit 

i heard one of my cousins say Manomet is magical,
such a cute little comment
and really, that seems like a pretty good word to describe it
just when you think ooh no the weather might not be so great, 
the clouds open up and it becomes the most beautiful sunny day
french toast mornings, beach days, big family cousin dinners
its been something i've been doing since i was two
and i feel so lucky to have the very best memories with the very best people on this beach

i could probably talk about it for-ev-er
and well, i probably will for a little bit
its too pretty not to share!


jackie said...

I LOVE family traditions like this. It looks like you had an amazing time and I'm glad :) how could you not?!

Young and Fabulous said...


SO DAMN SAD we didnt get to meet up!!! next time! thank goodness manomet will always be there :D


Katie said...

We LOVE ma! :) so gorgeous. so glad you had a good time.

50 Shade of Liz said...

Looks so gorgeous!

Greta said...

This looks so relaxing! Its wonderful that you are so close with your family :)

Amy said...

Isn't spending time with family the best? I love knowing that I always have my family to fall back on, to love me and support me no matter what. Looks like you had a great time :) Can't wait to see more!

Pamela said...


jayme said...

beautiful!! does stone ever go with you too? xoxoxo

Heather Davidson said...

so beautiful and i love that feeling of finding a place that just seems magical! i guess as a harry potter fan i can relate ;)

Beverly said...

as i close my eyes, i can envision the beach and toes in the sand! pure bliss girlie ;)

Nicole Marie said...

WOW! i want to be there!

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