Monday, August 27, 2012

shop my closet!

i love clothes. big time love. and so sometimes i get so excited i take on a bit too many
a lot of them never worn - tags attached, but unable to return,
i'm working on this!
 so! before i donate - if y'all are interested 
please visit little shop here

life is busy. so the website it just quicky little pictures
but that's okay, you get the point
if you need more pictures or have any questions
 just email me at or here
prices are negotiable :)

so there you go!



Elisha said...

I will definitely be checking it out!!

Sabrina Says said...

Giiirl! If I was as small as you I woould be ALL OVER THESE!!

Taylor said...

These are so adorable! will definitely be taking a peek!