Wednesday, August 22, 2012

we went out last night

my breast friend and i visited my little brother at work last night
he just so happened to be in atlanta on a little business trip.
except his business trips involve country music, loud fans, and a stage
which is pretty awesome when you are a 24 year old guy i think
it was the most fun. 
i know i can be very repetitive, but seriously. they are so good
the cd is so good
it makes me so happy to see my brother so happy
and the people around him so happy
happy, happy, happy
life is good
so download or buy or just listen
i feel 300% confident you will love it

and for my mommy of course:


Ashlee said...

I love that you are so happy and supportive of your brother. :) And I am super happy that you got to see him, even if it was for a little bit! :)

Hope you had a great time!

-Ashlee Michelle

Rissy said...

I think you could write 1,000 posts about this and it wouldn't be enough... I mean come on how exciting and awesome! love love love it


Amy said...

This is seriously so, SO cool and exciting for your brother. Keep the posts coming :)

Tiffany said...

Ahhh I just love Dustin Lynch!
And your brother is adorable!

Sarah Lynn said...

I'd be exactly the same way!! Soo exciting!!

katie michelle said...

whaaaat that's your brother?! how cool!! looks like a fun time :)

Renee said...

Your brother plays in a band! So much fun!