Thursday, September 6, 2012

little bits of life lately

 ... crape myrtles. my biggest summertime obsession

... little surprises for friends

... cupcake baking

... backyard secret garden

... girl date

... makes me happy

... pretties for one

...first cd i have bought in fooorever
and then bought again to send to stone and some people i love
{ favorite song on the album here! }
although, i really do have a lot 



Beverly said...

Those flowers are flawless!! Love how fresh flowers totes makes the mood LIGHT and FRESH!

Looks like your girls date was a hit!

xo, Bev

Ashlee said...

I Love it! So Cute!!
You always have the most adorable things. :)

I bought the Album too..I Love it! And I always have to tell people "My Blog Friends Little Brother is in his band" when a song of his comes on! haha. :)

Miss You!!

-Ashlee Michelle

Jessica Wray said...

girl dates are sometimes the very best :)

Jane said...

So pretty! All the flowers are gorgeous. I love the birdhouses too.

Greta said...

Are those sparkle cupcakes?!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful bunch of roses so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Hope you have a smashing weekend x