Thursday, October 25, 2012

an afternoon in small town usa

 on the way home from our camping adventure we stopped in downtown Elliay.
this town, they love October.
its the very best month to go because there is so much going on
annual weekend apple festival fun things 
 and my favorite part - the scarecrow invasion

hundreds of stuffed scarecrow creatures line the streets.
i always like for Austin to drive very, very slowly so i can take a little peak

the entire community comes together to participate so there are so many!
makes me happy to see. and plus those Ellijay-ians get preeeettty scarecrow crafty

this year we decided to explore the town a bit more and i'm so glad we did
we apple browsed and bought, meet one cute dog named Chelsea,
and had lunch right there in town, with scarecrows peaking in

there is something really special about small town usa
but eventually it was time for us to head on home to the big city
and i was okay with that too 


Ashlee said...

What a cute little town! I love finding little towns that get so into the Holiday season - My little town used to be like that but now they aren't so much anymore....But about 45min into the mountains past my town is an even SMALLER community that is literally one main street long, Gets all into Christmas. It's such a wonderful place to visit in the month of December! :)

Jamie said...

How fun! What a fun little tradition.

Chelsea said...

So Cute! The small town I grew up in in WV does the scarecrow thing! I forgot about that memory until your post! Stopping in the little towns on road trips is always so worth it!

Bev said...

love these types of small towns... they really make you stop and appreciate time, don't they??

Ashley said...

i love your life...and you.

and i pass ellijay every time i go home....good to know its an ok town to stop in...or break down in :)

Ashley Slater said...

I have been to ellijay! awww fun!

Ady Wright said...

Should have called me! That's where i was too!!! Did you see my apple post? Same thing! Love it!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

I love this :) a scarecrow invasion! Sounds pretty awesome! Lovely pictures!

Joanna said...

Hey! I just found your blog because I saw A comment you left on Run With Me and saw that you mentioned Atlanta traffic! I am living in Athens Georgia right now and home for me is in cherokee county, only about 30 min from downtown Atlanta. Great to see you have some of the same traditions I do! Apples in Elijay and camping! so fun!

Joanna @

Sarah Burton said...

One of my good friends lives in Elijay but I've never been! It looks like my kind of place

Treasure Tromp said...

looks lovely to me!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those roses look so pretty!

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