Tuesday, October 16, 2012

people can be so good

 so good! it's a really nice, comforting feeling.

 even those people you haven't had the chance to meet just yet
because of distance and things 
but thanks to internetland and blogging, friendships can strangely be created 
that's how i know ms. Erica. she is the sweetest of sweet.
i mean that, her heart is so good. 
i learned this more last week, when my brother and band were playing in the boston area
and erica and boyfriend -- with no hesitation whatsowever-- 
made sure to make the 30 minute drive and attend my brothers show
{well i suppose its really dustin's. but you get it}
the greatest thing of all was that my parents were there as well. 
so of course, since i couldn't go, i was all mom! you must meet her!

family really is the way to my heart.
i love them so much and think they are seriously the coolest, best people
so when others are supportive or share my enthusiasm for them,
they quickly became a real favorite friend of mine.
 to that list i add erica! and kurt the boyfriendof course.

especially when they send me videos like the one below.

karl would be my brother. colin. except they like to call him karl.
boys are weird.

so the show and the mom/erica meeting was a success i'd say
and also a good reminder of how good people are.
how kind our hearts can be
and that makes me pretty happy


Bev said...

What an amazing opportunity to meet up in person!! And any time with the fam is a great time!!

Happy Tuesday love. xo, Bev

Young and Fabulous said...

Had the absolute BEST BEST BEST time that night meeting the fam and rocking out to amazing country and watching karl/colin shake his rump and have the crowd go wild because Dustin called him a "MassHole"!

love love love you!! and cannot wait to finally meet you one day SOON!

and I so agree...family is SO great :-) especially yours!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Meet ups are so fun and great!