Tuesday, October 30, 2012

same story, different night. and a fair!

Sunday evening Austin and i put on our warmest clothes and
made the 40 mile drive to the Georgia State Fair to
 see my one and only brother play with Dustin and band

 we almost didn’t go, you know. because it was pretty darn cold and windy
 aaand the show just happened to be outside. 
but that would have been a mistake
i'm happy i let my heart really make the decision to go
 rather than listening to my body tell me ooo no you are going to be one cold girl

so yes. these stories are always the same, i knooow!
girl goes to concert to see brother 
takes a million and one videos and thinks he’s the coolest.
but they also always have a happy ending, so i cant really complain. love seeing Colin's face.
 after a bit of visiting, and giving him some shirts and cookies and chips. the necessities.
he was on his merry way to the stage to start the show with band

and we were able to stay a little bit warm… well. sort of, hear our favorite songs,
walk around the fair a bit to visit some animals who i wanted to kidnap and sip coffee

 it was a good night. a really good one.
and as we drove home i  felt thankful 

thankful for a brother who is so deserving of everything good that comes his way, 
and to have the type of close relationship that we do
 and thankful for a stone who is my best buddy and so very supportive and go with the flow


Ashlee said...

I Love hearing stories about you being able to see your brother play..even if it's for a short while - it makes my heart so happy! :) Glad you guys had a great time - We don't have cool fairs like that in San Diego..Lame! LOL

Frances said...

such a rocker! so proud of colinboy and everything he is doing!

ps- is he wearing cowboy boots!?

Chelsea said...

Brothers are the greatest! I'm sure he appreciated your visit and it's so awesome you get to see him living his dream!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! I love that your brother is such a great musician!