Wednesday, October 3, 2012

something so right

every year on october 3rd, if you look through the window of our house,
 you will find

my mom, wearing her white wedding dress from thirty one years ago
and my dad, her handsome groom
dancing to their wedding song
something so right by barbra streisand 

 every year, even when pregnant
my mom's wedding dress would be on,
the back of it wide open,
and they would be dancing.

as part of their tradition, colin bri and i would always sit on the couch and watch
when we were little, we found the whole thing to be very interesting
 and would sit there with big eyes

when we got a bit older, we would just sort of roll our eyes
 and wonder how much longer we had to sit there

 but as we've grown up, we have developed such an appreciation for it
a perfect little tradition i hope to carry on some day 

i just think its so important for children to grow up in an environment like that
to see their parents bold love for one another

 its all so very sweet.
 and rare. 
and wonderful

something so right

happy anniversary dad and mommy! xo

but my momsays it better here


Jordan said...

That is so sweet and such a loving thing to do. It also puts the dress to good use instead of keeping it stowed away never to be looked at again. Very precious!

Cassie said...

oh my goodness how adorable!! you are so right - an amazing tradition!!

happy anniversary to them!! many many more!

jackie said...

this is still the sweetest tradition I've ever heard of.

Kristin said...

that is one awesome tradition to remember their special day year after year! happy anniversary to your parents. :)

ashleigh said...

something else i will be adding to the "when i get married what i want to do" list

i love this.
so sweet
i think it is important to show your kids "that you love each other"

Ashley H said...

so rare for sure & so wonderful. what a great tradition to carry one - definitely something I'd want to do.

& on a lighter note, just being able to fit into the wedding dress year after year is an amazing accomplishment! ;)

Ashlee said...

I forgot how cute I think this is...You posted something like this a year ago and my eye welled up with happy tears...I just think this is so adorable!

Happy Anniversary to your Parents!

LAUREN said...

that is quite the tradition! never heard of anything that sweet in my entire life. i'm making note of this :)

Lia Joy said...

so very sweet! what a wonderful tradition! :)

Vicki said...

This is such a sweet & unique tradition! Kudos to your momma for still fitting in her dress! That is almost as big an accomplishment as being married for so many years :) Love it!

Amy said...

Aww that is SO sweet!! Happy Anniversary to your parents :)

Soph said...

This is.....breathtakingly precious. It gave me chills and made me say aw. :)

Lindsay said...

Such a sweet tradition. What a wonderful example they've set for you guys!

Pamela said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet!!

katOUT said...

31 years of marriage is easy when it is "something so right." Thanks for the sweet blog in honor of our anniversary. xoxox

Ady Wright said...

I always love hearing this story! Awe and I love it! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Healy!

Young and Fabulous said...

UGGHHH this is so romantic!! nothing gets me more than tradition and i love that 31 years later they are still doing this

and i hope to still be able to fit in my dress 31 years later!

i love this so so much!


Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

That is an awesome tradition!! Love that idea! And, you're right, it's such a blessing for kids to see their parents love one another that way. Love it!

Hilary Lane said...

Aww, too cute!