Wednesday, October 24, 2012

things that make me happy. well just two today

half birthdays

and half birthday surprises

...especially for the people i love the most,  enough to keep track of things like this

its my favorite way to say to them

...hey you!

you're the very best! 

and then they feel extra special like they should, because they are

and hopefully not reminded that they are 6 months older

and you get to get be all sneaky james bond-ish while setting it up

... followed by being a little bit late for work like i was this morning

but thats okay.  i still really recommend it


Brooke said...

this is absolutely precious.

PS. I feel like I need to be friends with you and Stone. Can he hook me up with a friend? I like to camp and do cute things like grocery shop : )

Shannon Marie said...

This is adorable! Who doesn't love being celebrated! Very fun. :) XO

Ashlee said...

I love this, so cute! This is something I've always loved seeing on your blog because it's so unique and brilliant! :)

Amy said...

Surprises to show how much you love someone are the best!! Totally worth being late to work :)

JMB said...

This is soo soo sweet. Pinterest? haha Kidding! Don't you love doing surprises for others a LITTLE more than you like being on the receiving end?

Ashley said...

you have the be the sweetest person everrrr!! super cute!! :)

Sarah said...

Oh this is so cute and fun!!

julia rose. said...

I need to start celebrating my half birthday!!

Helene said...

oh my gosh. how sweet. and cute!!

Helene in Between

Bev said...

I totally remember being younger and telling people proudly that I was 5 6 or 7 AND A HALF!!!! Now a days... I would rather leave any halves, quarters and three quarters out of the equation!!

very adorable and presh!

Ady Wright said...

Awe Chelster this was the best surprise ever!!!!! You are the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Knock Knock" ?