Wednesday, October 31, 2012

today is halloween. but satutday felt like it too!

and i'm really a-okay with that too. two celebrations. 
i think celebrating any holiday twice is probably really good for everyone
so, it’s been a good month.
 saturday we celebrated a little bit early
we finally, finally, pumpkin carved.
i figured it was about time
i had already sprayed painted everything i could
stone was the master carver this year. the boy is so good.
and a perfectionist. he get's really into it.
which makes me happy
because i'm pretty sure if he didnt have a girl who was all
i love pumpkins! then he wouldn't realize this about himself

so while he perfected his masterpiece,
i roasted the pumpkin seeds
and we basically killed two birds with one stone.
{or something like that}
later on we dinned on some pumpkin seeds
watched the Alabama tide roll right on through Mississippi state
and transformed into an old timey golfer and Indian girl
 to celebrate the big holiday early with the rest of the characters out in atlanta

aaaall in a days work!

but, haaaappy halloween for real, for real today!


Katie said...

love roasting pumpkin seeds except billy isn't a big fan not sure why! he's cray! love you two cuties! :)

Brooke said...

You too are adorable and I do love pumpkin seeds : )

Young and Fabulous said...

pumpkin seeds look DELISH! i need to roast some...i am late to the partay!!!!

holidays are way better celebrated more than once...must agree

and you 2 looked so freakin cute i could pinch yo cheeks!!

loooove you and happy halloween!!


Lindsay said...

You guys looks so cute! And wow, Stone is a master carver!! That pumpkin is great!

Michelle said...

aww sounds like fun!

Soph said...

so cute<3 love it

Chelsea said...

Are you the prettiest Indian girl or what?? :) Looks like you love birds had a blast!

Treasure Tromp said...

I've never roasted seeds before - adding it to my list of to-dos

JMB said...

Your weekend sounds fabulously fall ;) Also, you should know that I would "pin" your entire apt as my muse for MY new apt! We have very similar taste with the clean whites and grey hues! That's what I am doing with a little country in there. In fact, I am currently stalking your blog for ideas. DOn't hate haha

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You guys are too cute!! Wow, it looks like your pumpkin had lots of seeds!

Emily said...

y'all are TOOO cute - what a happy halloween!! ;)