Thursday, November 1, 2012

bats and mummys on a halloween night

you can't go wrong with things like this

especially on a Wednesday halloween night

the hotdog mummys were yummy.

and the bats. well, they are just my favorite

such an easy little project and fun to make!

just need some foam balls. a bit of black paint and cardstock to make the wings
tookpicks, tape and twine!

and some glue. but do careful not to glue your poor fingers together. 
because that definitely happened here although it was pretty worth it


Victoria said...

Love the bats! I'm really in to making Garlands right now, can't wait for X-mas I have some cute projects up my sleeve :)

Those mummies are too cute, you did a great job!


Ashlee said...

I love the little mummies - How Cute!!

Hope you guys enjoyed your halloween! :)

Bon Bon said...

We had hot dogs toooooo! Although, yours are cuter. You win!:-) Happy belated Halloween! Onward to Thanksgiving! xoxo

katOUT said...

Your sooo dang batty! I mean crafty!!!! hehe

Sophie said...

so cute chels! need to make those bats. even if halloween is over! i want to come visit you in your beautiful abode!xx

Sarah Burton said...

I don't like hotdogs but I would eat one of those

Bev said...

omgggg your mummy hot dogs are the best!!! how cute they are.. and of course your bats!

Emily said...

love the bat banner - and those hot dogs are too cute!! xoxo

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Love your Halloween decorations! The hot dog mummies are perfect for picky eater children :)