Friday, November 2, 2012

before and after

 this beach, is manomet beach.

and actually.
so is this one at the moment

 so hurricane sandy. 
she stole a lot of our sand. punched the bluff a little.
threw a mountain of yucky seaweed on its pretty white sand face
and made our fun volleyball posts go poooof

but all in all, i'd say manomet and all of us who love it so 
are pretty darn lucky that this was the worst of it
lucky that our beach house sits nice and high on that bluff safe from all high, high tides

and hey, ms. sandy definitely didn't stop my parents from sitting outside
drinking a dark and stormy in 50 mph winds!
 so that's one way to pass the time i suppose

thinking about all of my favorites on the east coast and sending lots of warm vibes your way!


Chelsea said...

Holy cow :( It makes me SO sad to see images of the destruction along the coast. I'm glad to hear that was the worst of it for your little beach! xo

Ashlee said...

Oh My - How Sad! It hurts my heart to see pictures like this from the East Coast! I'm glad that this was the worst of it for the beach, what a horrible thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it wasn't worse! I have family on the outer banks of North Carolina and they had quite a bit of flooding but nothing compared to the poor people in New York and New Jersey!

Chelsea said...

EEK! what a sad beach!! Luckily my hometown wasn't hit too bad however my first car (truck) was smooshed by a giant tree...(pictures on my blog today) Lucily my mom and dad were okay though and only had to deal without power for 2 days. (my mom was upset she missed Dancing with the Stars not about the totaled cars.)

Treasure Tromp said...

oh goodness. at least you're alright!

Amanda said...

Yuck about that seaweed! Hopefully most people will have their power back here soon. We got ours back pretty quickly, but we also live near some very big roads that need the traffic lights full functioning.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! Glad the house is ok!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Your poor beach! It was unbelievable watching all of the damage to the east coast.