Wednesday, November 28, 2012

exciting things! for a wednesday

its the little things you know. so its Wednesday
and this morning Austin and i woke up to my brother in the tv!
him, Dustin and band were in New York City to perform on
fox news', fox and friends

so we turned it up real loud and danced
 and said things like, look charlie! your uncle is famooous.
 that was a good way to start my morning.

and also. here's something funny. Dolly Parton
she was there in the studio as well for an interview
so my brother was all heeey dolly
and she was alll hey sweetie
just a normal Wednesday morning you know?

and tonight! oooh tonight.
 it will end in the best way possible. with a Christmas tree!
 yes! its happening
its beginning to look a lot like chriiiiistmas


Anonymous said...

I saw your brother on Fox and Friends this morning!! They play Fox news here in my office lobby so I got to jam out a little at work this morning!! And yay for getting a Christmas tree, we too are going to get ours this evening. I thought I was one of the last people to get mine since it seems everyone else has already decked their halls!!!

Ashlee said...

Such an Exciting Morning!! :)

We got our Christmas Tree on Monday, washed it and got it inside last night...but moving everything around made us so sleepy so tonight we are decorating. SO HAPPY! Tis the Season <3

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

If I wasn't jealous before, I am now. I LOVE DOLLY!