Monday, November 5, 2012

five things on the fifth

  •  our love alabama played lsu on Saturday and it was maybe one of the most stressful games to watch. but at the last minute. really the last minute. we won. and we screamed and jumped and cheersed {and some keg standed}. that was a close one guys. 

  •  the other night austin was saying he wanted to know what i dream about. i couldn’t really remember anything in particular at that moment but said i would try to that night. is that possible? i don’t know. but  i woke up and i remembered.... i had 3 siblings. all who had half birthdays on the same day. and i was running around trying to get things ready and make their cards. my subconscious knows me so well.  i also had trouble perfecting the number five. i'm not quite sure what any of that means

  • i finally, finally bought taylor swifts cd. finally. i love it. i knew i would and together we cleaned and organized my closet to perfection. she makes stuff like that pretty easy. and enjoyable. along with driving in traffic.

  • we said goodbye to our pumpkins. it was sad. but we did roast more pumpkin seeds so that's the silver lining there. and my bats. they are still up. flying around. 

  • Hardees biscuit and coffee is another one of those perfect little combinations and a really good way to celebrate my 2 year blog birthdayanniversary! 2 years as of yesterday. crazy!


Ashlee said...

Happy 2 Year Blog Birthday Anniversary!! :)

We had to say goodbye to our pumpkins as well - Definitley sad! But I had a blast setting up for Thanksgiving - It made me smile just knowing that in a few short weeks, I will be pulling the Christmas decor down and setting up for my FAVORITE Holiday! :)

Have a Great Week!!.

katOUT said...

HAPPY 2 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY! (3 more years and you will have caught up to me!) :)
Keep on blogging!

jayme said...

please forgive me for being a bad bloggy friend. :( even though we're basically caught up on fb, i'm sorry. i promise to be better.

happy blogbirthdayanniversary! my life is better with you and your blog in it!


and roll tide!!

Ashley Slater said...

that game was such a nail biter! I was literally about to cry and then could I ever doubt my bama?!

Anonymous said...

I very rarely remember my dreams either..maybe I should try to tell myself to remember them too! And Happy Blogaversary!

Young and Fabulous said...

WOOOOO ALABAMA! i feel i can cheer for them now because i am your friend :-)

and you dreaming about birthdays is probably the greatest thing in the world!!



Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love their breakfast biscuits. So good!

Faith and Love said...

I recently started blogging and found your page! What a great post :D time to say bye bye to pumpkins and hello Christmas tree here shortly!

Sophie said...

yayy chels! happy 2 year blog anniversary!!! <3

and GO ALABAMA :) !!!! xxx

Chelsea said...

First of all, that is so adorable that he asked you what you dream of :) And I love your dreams... too funny!

Your mention of cleaning and organizing has inspired me. Maybe I need to check into this whole Taylor Swift album thing ;)

And lastly, that biscuit... yum! xo

Chelsea said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I can't congratulate you on your last minute Bama win....(Gator Fan). However I will say it was an amazing/stressful game! Also Hardees biscuits = the BEST

Bev said...

I've been holding off on buying swift's cd since it came out... but now that I read you love it and so does the rest of America, I'm up for purchasing it tonight!!

Treasure Tromp said...

two years, wow!