Friday, November 16, 2012

the tale of the two charlies

i have always really liked the name charlie
but i absolutely loved it after i watched this video back in my college days
chaaaar-lay .. ahh how could you not!
so when my stone gave me a little bear before he left for his first
spring training. i knew right away. yes. this bear. would be charlie bear.
and he was my little sleep buddy. but then! then, a sweet baby pup entered my life.
and i knew i would of course need a name. so i tried to come up with a couple
until austin said, i thiiiink you already know what you want to name him
and well, he was right. charlie
i cant help it! little puppy just looked like a charlie!
so cb and i talked it over, and we decided that it would 
be okay to have two charlies in the house
and luckily for everyone involved, only one of the charlies is real and breathing
so there is no name confusion.
the end and haaaappy friday!


katOUT said...

When I first read the title "The Tale of Two Charlies" I thought your blog was going to be about the "calm, quiet Charlie" you first met and the "litte rascal Charlie" you now have at home! :) Love the name Charlie!

Soph said...


Emily said...

so sweet :) love the name Charlie too! i've always wanted to name a little girl charlotte, and call her charlie. presh.

*thought of you and your blog today when i did my post -

xoxo- em

Sophie said...

OMG CHARLIE DOUBLE! i love them both so muchhhhhhh! real puppy charlie is so adorable! i can't handle it! x

Sophie said...

p.s sorry charlie bear for singling out charlie puppy! you are just as adorable, don't you worry!

jayme said...

i love charlie bear. and puppy charlie. but i love their mama!!!!!! and stonezies!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that you named him Charlie!