Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 things on 12/12/12, just because

1. charlay my little gentlemen prince puppy went to the vet for the very first time over the weekend. healthy as a had to get one more little vaccine shot which made him squirm and done! little boy isn't so little anymore, weighing in at a whole 13lbs even.

2. i went on a date with my bestest lady friend last night. and i sort of felt like a mom, leaving the kid (charlie) at home with dad/babysitter (stone) and it felt pretty good!

3. poinsettias are almost as good as crape myrtles. aaaalmost! so winter has that going for it

4. we went to a little beer festival and if you know me. then you probably know Austin and you know he loves beer.  he said he felt like charlie in the chocolate factory and had won the golden ticket. but really he just paid money for that ticket, but that is besides the point. he said going to a beer festival would be like me, Chelsea Coleen, going to a dog factory. a factory? so he still needed to work a little on that analogy. but it did make me laugh

5. next Friday i will officially be home for Christmas. like real home. Connecticut home. which hasn't happened since last Christmas. crazy

6. i finished the book my sisters keeper the other day. and oh my heart. it hurt. it was so good. and sad. and unpredictable. have you read? you really should. just don't see the movie. because i did after finishing book. and the movie, it was just terrible.

7. speaking of movies! there is this older-ish co-worker of mine, and he was telling us about how he watched this movie "where 12 districts send 2 kids into an arena to fight to death"........ um. you mean the Hunger Games??! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. he said he didn't like it. i cant even comment on that.

8. we made sure to watched the ACA's the other night. Mr Dustin Lynch was there presenting and we have to support my brothers boss. [hehe] i love everyone of those people.

9. it went from 70 lovely warm degrees in pretty Atlanta to 40! what! mother nature! noo!

10. i received a little German advent calender from a friend and it is the best. so neat! so foreign. and phew because i have been on advent calender look out for a while now, so i jut got lucky here

11. listing 12 things is harder than you think

12. today is the century's last repeating date! makes me sad! i love things like this, and now what do we have to celebrate next year! i guess 11/12/13? it won't be the same. we will miss you repeating dates xoxoxo


Ashlee said...

I Love this - I woke up today wanted to write a 12 things post as well. (I guess I should of known there would be others out there doing the same)...but how do we as bloggers pass this little opportunity up?

Happy 12.12.12 :)

Mariel Torres said...

Happy Aaron Rodgers' Day! hehe

katOUT said...

11-12-13 is Papa's birthday. That will be something to celebrate!

Emily said...

Ahhh I am so jealous I didn't think to do that! haha.

And, yes, I like in Newnan, GA and cannot believe this weather! I'm loving the cold, but wish it would have eased its way in here. haha

Treasure Tromp said...

hmm, I really need to read that book!

Elsha said...

The only time I've heard someone say they didn't like the movie are one's who hadn't read the book. Infadels ;)

Thank you for your comment on my blog:) And has anyone ever told you you look like Ellie Kemper?

LG said...

My sisters keeper is one of my favorite books! Cry at the end every. time. xx

Sophie said...

yayy happy 12.12.12 for yesterday :) and YES how ridiculous was the movie version of my sisters keeper compared to the book version!! it has completely different endings! WHAT THE! x

Emma said...

someone who doesn't like the hunger games??? unreal! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


Aspiring Kennedy said...

Can't believe you found the one person who hadn't heard of the hunger games until now! Oh, and if you go by the European system of dates (date/month/year), then 2/22/22 will be a repeating date, but not as good as 11/11/11 last year haha.

Evani Gatsby said...

Hi Chelsea! Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment, I loved reading more about you in this post! Honestly, who didn't like the Hunger Games movie?! How is that possible? And I noticed you were from CT, and I hope your travels home find you well. CT is in all of America's thoughts and prayers today <3


Laura Darling said...

My Sister's Keeper is one of those books I will never forget. It definitely didn't end the way i thought it would, but the whole thing was so gripping!

Ashley said...

you're going home the same day as i am! only my home is the beach! haha. i think we should picket mother nature. this cold weather is no bueno!!

and omg charley!! you're a mom chelsea!! love it!

Amely Rose said...

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What!?! How can someone not have heard about the Hunger Games and then not like it?! I'm betting they were really old!