Tuesday, December 18, 2012

choose good over evil

once upon a time ago i was a little five year old version of myself, sitting in my kindergarten classroom in Connecticut, in a town very similar to Newtown, just an hour or so away.  it is terrifying how such a senseless tragedy can happen anywhere, in the most unexpected of places. my family did not personally know anyone harmed in the shooting and for that i am thankful. but when there is a death of the ones we hold dear as a society, the innocent among us, especially children, we hurt. we cry. we question our faith. and humanity.  it's hard to put into words what the heart feels sometimes. so what i can tell you is this, on friday, i fly home to Connecticut. to that same town an hour away from Newtown. i get to spend this Christmas with my family, the people i love the most, with a sister who is home, safe and sound from a semester at sea. and i know how lucky i am. i found comfort the other morning listening andy stanley * on the radio, he speaks beautifully about faith. and i was reminded to always choose good over evil. the boy who hurt Newtown, who took innocent lives, he chose evil. we have the power of free will to chose the very opposite. to show good in the simplest of ways, in little random acts of kindness. so i will do just that. and i will be praying for those in Newtown, sending lots of love and light their way.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)

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this is beautiful, chels. simply beautiful.

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I Love this. so wonderfully said.