Friday, December 21, 2012

goodbye boys!

well the world is still up and running so there's that! and also me on a plane this afternoon heading homeee sweet home! it will just be plane ticket for one though. charlie will be spending his very first Christmas in Atlanta, without me... boo!

i really wanted to bring his cute face home so my family could finally see him in person but the pet cargo tickets were going to cost about a billion dollars  so that idea went pretty fast out the imaginary window. i thought ok fine. whatever. we are carrying you on. because Delta says sure! come on pets. step right up! just remain in a carrier, under the seat and you are good to go. so i bought one. and just as fast, charlie was like whaaat the heck is this! not happening. no way. get me out of here! kids! they are so fussy! so we tried some treats and giving him lots of love while in it and he still was like thanks. but no thanks. and cried and barked and once i started feeling like a really mean dog mom it was back to the pet store for that carrier and off to austin's house for the holidays he goes!  (after a sleepover with a bff of mine)
see you soon family! and also, my brother. he crowd surfs now i guess
my sweet high school friend living in Arizona got it on video last night. just another at the office


Ashlee said...

HAHAAH COLIN!! You're Brother is my Hero!

Lindsay said...

I was there last night at Toby Keiths!! It was my first time seeing Dustin (and your bro!)live and they put on a great concert! So much fun! Tell him he has a blogger fan in Arizona! :)

Ady Wright said...

awesome... i wish i was colin the crowd surfer!