Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 year in review

half way through January, but that's okay because years in review are my favorite. memories. i mean how neat to have so many moments captured in writing and pictures right here. its pretty nice. at least to me, because that's just how my mind and heart and all those things that make me, me operate. twenty-twelve. you were a good one. so, let's see...

january.  i celebrated a birthday! the best way to start a new year i think. discovered my face made a teensy appearance in a commercial, went on a classic kind of date with a stone of mine, watched our sweet home alabama football team win its 14th national championship!

february. sent austin on a little scavenger hunt, superbowled with some people i love, celebrated valentines day with my valentine for the fifth year in a row,  then three days later, said a sad goodbye as he left for the world of baseball but! not without 52 reasons i love you, oysterfested with some girlfriends, traveled to the world of coke

march. said goodbye to our sweet childhood doggie Duncan,  took a little trip to FL to visit stone in spring training, pretty flower obsessed. like a lot. celebrated in green, had ladybug luck, took one last boyfriend beach trip

april. celebrated a bff of mine's birthday with a candy card, made our call me maybe video {and then watched it a million times}, had a hoppy Easter weekend, flew to Pennsylvania for my first trip of the baseball season

may. one of my favorite months! so, there was one road trip to Louisville, some strawberry picking in Charlotte, and a short visit at home in atlanta 

june. celebrated five years of us, little sister turned twenty-one! made jello shot fruit slices for miss Ashley's birthday, traveled back to baseball land and had one fun day at the park, spent one weekend in atlanta with a mom and sister of mine

july. wished America a happy birthday on the fourth of July while floating down the river, saw brother and band perform in GA, really loved on summer time and coffee. always coffee. 

august. took a trip to our beach house to see my favorites, loved on our manomet traditions, said goodbye to my little sister as she jumped aboard for a  semester at sea, celebrated an album release for Dustin Lynch and band

september.  austin returned! hello off-season, enjoyed  being normal, made breakfast on a stick, spent the first day of autumn by the pool, discovered i like chilli.

october. camped in north Georgia with some cute people and spent one afternoon in small town USA, had an orange dinner for two, got pumpkin flowers from a stone, spent Halloween as an indian and golfer, bought way too many pumpkins, road tripped to tullahoma, tennessee to see brother and band perform, oh and then took another one to the Georgia state fair one chilly night, decorated for a bff's half birthday

november. charlie! little babe officially became mine! dustin lynch 2013 tour announcement {we can't wait Colinboy} and one half birthday picnic with a baby pup and stone!

december. charlie became a jolly charlie claus, found the perfect christmas tree to make ours, celebrated 12/12/12sister returned safe and sound from a semester at sea!, made our own fort, had a merry Christmas with the people i love the most {minus a few}, traveled to Boston with austin.. and manomet too! the best way to say goodbye 2012...
                                                                                                                        ...and hello 2013! 

and hey! almost time for me to celebrate my birthday on monday aaall over again!


Amy said...

Love that last picture of you two!! Soo gorgeous!

Ashley said...

It's always fun to look back on the year and see all that happened. Gotta love year-in-review posts :) Hope 2013 is one of the best!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love your year in review post! Love love love little charlie!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What a great year for you! I can't wait to see all of the things that 2013 bring you!

Rachel Lloyd said...

Great post!!!!!! Excited to follow more in 2013