Thursday, January 24, 2013

a 27th birthday!

so i had a birthday! austin helped me celebrate early that morning with a pink doughnut and coffee. oh right, and maybe a fried egg too... i couldn’t decide between the two, and i didnt feel like making any executive birthday decisions. so there was that and then i had to go to work for a little bit. and by a little bit, i really mean all day since we weren’t lucky enough to get the holiday off. but that’s okay, because these work people of mine helped make my day special too! with balloons, little gifts and things like that. also! my parents sent the neatest dog-gone flowers.  they were so pretty and extra clever, charlie and i both agreed on that.

when i got home, boy and puppy were there to greet me, with flowers and cupcakes too. good idea guys!  this would be birthday numero six austin has celebrated with me! it feels like we were just celebrating my twenty-first. and then i blinked and now here i am. twenty-seven. how does that even happen? so, that night he took me on a little dinner date to an italian-o restaurant which was perfect. calamari and ravioli were eaten by this girl. oh so good. still thinking about it actually. and then we went home to cupcakes and birthday ice cream pie. so this story is mostly about food. but the birthday was a happy one. im a little sad that it has gone and left me,  but not tooo fast. we are celebrating it again with friends on saturday. phew!

thank you family, friends, and stone for all the sweet words and calls and wishes! it made me feel the most loved and special. and that's really the best part about birthdays.


Catherine said...

Happy cake & candle day! That donut looks yummo!

julia rose. said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, pretty girl!! That donut... looks amazing!!

Ashlee said...


So happy it was a great one!

-Ashlee Michelle

Bev said...

that doggy flower bouquet is SUPERB!!! I am lovin' it!

sounds and looks like you had a wonderful birthday!! happy birthday month once again :)

Heather Davidson said...

happy birthday!! sounds like a perfect 27th. i just turned 27 as well and was so confused how that age came so fast!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks and sounds like it was a good one!