Monday, January 14, 2013

happy weather. a park. and some football skillz

 mother nature graced atlanta the beautiful with 70 degrees of warmth this past weekend! and in January! it was like stepping outside and being hugged by happiness. we love when that lady is in a good mood, so i was like charlie. get your football. we are going to the park. plus we needed to get some of our energy out. and by our, i mostly mean charlies. so aaaway we went! and might i add, this particular toy was bought by austin and i the other weekend at Goodwill, for a dollar. who says a dollar can't buy anything nowadays! it can buy hours of fun for one black and white pup.

austin happened to be in Alabama that day visiting family, so it was just me, the mama and charlie the baby, on our own, in the wilderness. not really the wilderness, but i like the sound of that. anyways. my football throwing skillz aren't exactly up to par with his, but then again, he always has an unfair advantage on me with the whole "i'm a pitcher" thing. so i tried. and charlie gave me his approval for the most part. until i threw it right into the tree standing four feet in front of me. and there it fell... four feet in front of me. so while charlie was thinking, what just happened? i was thinking, i really hope no one saw that. but sure enough, they did. a lovely couple walking by. so there was that. 

then, while walking through the trails, a couple passing us asked if charlie was named, well charlie. yes, he's the guy! turns out we had met them on a past walk when we were there celebrating stones his half birthday! i remember now! i was probably preoccupied at the time with a maybe 9 week old puppy who i was just hoping wouldnt step on their small dog. but look at charlie go, just making friends. with humans too. he's pretty cute.  i mean, he keeps me busy. but he's funny, he's like a little person.and its been fun getting to know him more and more each day . 


Bev said...

so glad to see the pup making friends... means he's growing up :)

so jay about that summer kinda weather you guys had in atlanta... we're in the frost now a days stuck in the 20's :/

happy monday friend!

Lauren said...

I should let you keep Tag while we go to Japan. He is quite the little person and too and would LOVE Charlie I'm SURE of it!!

Norah said...

Sunshine in the winter always makes me smile. Such a cute pup :)

Sophie said...


Aspiring Kennedy said...

Such a cute story! Puppies, like babies, always get people to stop and talk to you in the park. Who can resist them?