Friday, January 25, 2013

just being a little grown up

prince charlie. i love him. he's growing up! stone said he was going to teach him to shake on Sunday. so we have been doing our puppy homework with him every night. that is until Wednesday, when boom! baby pup did it for the first time! and then again! and again. i was so proud. really. so proud and excited. then took a video of it and sent to all of charlies aunts and grandparents.  so this just gives me a little glimpse at what a new parent must feel like when their little baby human crawls or walks for the first time. too much proudness i'm assuming. that will probably just kill me. so he's growing up. wearing boxers. and hats. and all. but i hope he stays a puppy at heart. and also, his collection of stuffed animals is coming along quite nicely. haaaappy friday!