Wednesday, February 13, 2013

on the third to last weekend with a stone, february gave to meee...

1. this really neat and new ability to stay awake for an entire movie! the the movie here being 10 Years. starring a  bunch of my famous loves. but most importantly, Channing Tatum. the movie itself was just okay. but still made me cry. and hey it kept me awake, so there was that. i'm full of surprises sometimes

2. a PF Chang's dinner date with my stonebug. we are those people that whenever we see calamari listed on a menu, we order it. you just sort of have too. but we also wanted something else. and so our indecisive hearts just didn't have the power to say no and the final product ended up us. in a booth, sharing 2 appetizers and 2 entrees. i do think our waiter was a little bit disappointed when he listed off all these fancy alcoholic drinks and we just ordered coke (diet coke for the lady). but i told him really, we're just focused on one thing here. food. and so it all resulted in two happy, really full, can we get the left-overs to go costumers. 

3. and also, will at din, we experienced so much confusion over seeing these two year old little babes playing games on iPads while at dinner. what happened to coloring or something?? technology is cool and everything. but i just don't like seeing little tikes on such devices. doesn't seem natural!

4. a new little collar for that gentleman puppy dog of mine. a bow tie actually. i am telling you, these things. they just find me! like the bow tie collar. walking through Macy's when i passed puppy accessories. of all places! on sale too. how could i deprive my little southern gent-pup of such a thing.

5. sun! along with a pinch of fried oysters & beer cheersing in celebration of Mardi Gras with some friends of ours. the weather was so perfect. it felt a bit unfair too you know, because while Nemo covered the north in a blanket of white, we were graced with no jacket happy weather.  which is probably why mother nature has just been showering us in rain the past couple of days. i guess she didn't want her child the North to think she favored her other child the South.

6. Grammy watching all of my favorite people. yes. just yes! my heart couldn't take so many parts of it. taylor swift, j.timberlake, mumford and sons, all the collaborations. 


Ashlee said...

So Cute and so much fun! I am glad you are taking in every moment with Stone before he leaves again for Spring Training. :)

-Ashlee Michelle

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was a fun weekend!