Friday, February 8, 2013

the impossible!

usually after running with charlie, he still has a million hours of energy. and you're like come on! aren't you tired?! i'm tired! and he just makes you look bad. like uh that was nothing.

but this week! after a longer run with austin, charlie came back and was his normal self for an hour or so. and then all of a sudden. tiredness! it hit him. and the little pup was just out. exhausted. it was so funny to see and so cute. so it is possible! every once in a while

and also. i'm not sure why the tv sounds LIKE ITS THIS LOUD. because it's really not. i don't think.


jackie said...

Tired puppies are the cutest.

Ashley said...

aww yay for a tired charlie!! he's so cute! i want to meet him :)

Sarah Burton said...

Aww so precious! My puppy used to fall asleep with his head in his food bowl.

Frances said...

I just love this dog.