Tuesday, March 12, 2013

team catherine. according to charlie

because even little puppies have their own feelings on who the bachelor should choose at the end. and i mean that's cool.  i like that in a roommate/little puppy babe, its good to have your own opinions and love for reality love shows. charlie is a fan. so this video can just go in my collection of a hundred others, mostly thanks to stone, and his daily request of chelsea/charlie videos. we are in high demand these days


jayme said...

i'm in love. really, i am. how come he isn't eating your face off because that's what woodford does 99% of the time. but only my face. because i'm a pushover.

Erica Hartmann said...

Charlie and I have a lot in common because I was team Catherine too :) He's such a cute dog/roommate!!


Ashley said...

OH.MY.GOSH. he looks like a little stuffed animal!! and clearly he has good taste. yay team catherine! charlie you are the best!