Thursday, April 4, 2013


i love that little charlie face. anyways! stone and i got to celebrate the Easter holiday for the first time in the history of us actually. not really our plan, but we have been reminded lately to know that nothing ever is! it's out of our control and to just trust in Gods plan. that's a comforting thought.

so, as of now, a stone of mine has returned back to our lives here in atlanta, no longer in baseball world. and actually as it seems, has decided to hang up that glove of his and say goodbye to the sport. maybe temporarily or maybe forever. such a mix of bittersweet emotions for me personally! but i do know, that either way, charlie and i will be team human boy love and for whatever makes him the happiest.

so welcome homeeeee!!


Mandy said...

aw, such a bittersweet thing indeed! Bonus for you though if you get him all to yourself from here on out :)

Amy said...

What big news!! I definitely am a believer that everything happens for a reason, so hoping you guys are enjoying your time together!

Ashlee said...

WOW! I don't know if I should say YIPPIE or AWW! Definitley bittersweet!! But I do know, that this may be a new beginning and something great is to come for Stone & for your little family of 3.

Enjoy having your Stone home! :)

-Ashlee Michelle

Helene said...

what an adorable dog, and such an exciting time in your life! i always think things happen for a reason, hoping for only good things for you!

jayme said...

i'm a very selfish person so there's not bittersweetness on my end. i'm purely HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stone and chelsea and charlie everyday!!!!! that's wonderful and i feel like maybe it was a long(ish) time coming so hopefully y'all had some time to prepare yourselves for the change. but that's great that he's back where he should be -- in atl with his lovah! xo

Megan Ann said...

It's a hard decision to make! The what-ifs are always there. My boyfriend played two years in the minors and decided to retire, it takes time but they all eventually move on and find something new to love! Look at the bright side, he gets to see Charlie's cute mug :)

xo, Megan
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