Thursday, April 18, 2013

parents weekend

these two cuties make up the power couple that is my parents. and they just so happen to be heading to atlanta this weekend! welcome people i love!

this is an important trip because its their first time meeting my charlie! charlie, meet your human grandparents. grandparents meet your puppy grandson.  we are excited ones around here. i told these parents of mine who i love so dearly, no puppy parenting critiquing because, well, we do things a liiiittle different in my neck of the woods, at least compared to our  lifey at home with our old childhood pup Duncan. Charlie is a bit more prince-like [or so he thinks] and so he too lays his little head down at night in the big comfy bed that is the humans. and i don’t really plan on breaking that habit anytime soon. for one thing, this breed doesn’t shed. which really is the best. and also, little babe has to be in a crate when i'm at work and stone is away, so i just don't have the heart to put him back in it at night. plus he's a pretty good snuggler. i told my mom i was going to have puppy sleep with them. she said kats and dogs don't do well together in the same bed. which is quite clever of her, because her name is Kathy.  but i dont know. i might need to sneak charlie in one of those nights so she can see what i'm talking about. hehehe.   my house! my rules! ;)

and for the first time in forever actually - stone is in Atlanta too! at the same time! for the past three/four years he has been always been away in baseball world, so him and i have had to take trips up north for my parents to see this imaginary boyfriend of mine. but now he is back! funny how the universe works.

so it will be a good one. and now if the weekend could just actually get here, that would be eeeven better. 


Sarah Burton said...

So exciting! Have a good weekend!

Ashlee said...

Aw!! YAY!! How much fun, I hope you have a lot of fun this weekend. It would be rad if your rockstar brother were to make it as well - but I know he is off being famous!! ;)

-Ashlee Michelle

Lauren said...

I would pay just to have one nights sleep with my pup! I always said dogs would NEVER sleep in my bed and boy was I wrong. Have a wonderful time together!