Friday, May 31, 2013

27, week one!

heellllooo. i'm ready to shake


my dear had a birthday last week!  i always want to make these days special, especially, especially when its for the people who hold such great importance in my life.  but really, my bday planning job this year was pretty easy.  when i asked the birthday boy what he wanted for din, he was really stuck on wings. and fries!  so what the heck, two to-go orders pleeeease.  i sort of felt like it would be a bday injustice if i didn't make anything yummy, you know? so there was dessert and a pretty good app, that involved goat cheese. goat cheese to us, is sort of another way of saying 'hey you! i love you' or 'time to party' around these parts.. it has multiple meanings, all which are good

charlie desperately.. but for the most part quite politely,  let us know he was also interested in what we were eating. so we [and i mostly mean stone] gave him a couple of nibbles in exchange for his hand shaking tricks. bribery! woo! plus dogs shaking hands is the best, they look like little gentleman. so while sir charles perfected his paw shaking, us humans perfected just how to consume a million calories on a warm may night. we are a talented bunch.

so cheers to stone and every one of his 27 years! also a pat on the back to party city and their balloons. they are durable ones. and actually, one week later, the numbers 2 & 7 are still  floating above our heads. they refuse to deflate and i refuse to pop. i feel doing so would be the equivalent of breaking a mirror and having 7 years of bad luck. so, that's where we are at now. both 27, with balloons floating around to prove it, and a dog who is a master at handshaking.


Sophie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stone! sounds like the absolute PERFECT way to celebrate :) i've said it so many times before but you guys are my favourite! you're the perfect couple :) x

katOUT said...

Happy 27 and a week to Stone! :)

jayme said...

so sweet! perfect celebration and i'm the same with balloons. i feel like its also the equivalent to hating babies.

Danielle E. Alvarez said...

Happy birthday to your boy! Him and I are ALMOST birthday twins :)

Ashley said...

i heart some wings too! and charlie's hand shaking skills.

can we please get together and goat cheese soon? pleeeasseee!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Belated Birthday to him!

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