Tuesday, May 14, 2013

oh welcome, spring!

this weekend brought a lot of outdoor things with my bff who also happens to be my bf too. can't go wrong with that! nope!  it also brought one completely sunny afternoon that was spent entirely poolside! for the first time all year.  this is just big and exciting news around these parts since spring has been all sort of weird and has just not been allowing me such pleasures!

i mean sure, we have had some relaxing after work evenings by the pool in our comfy clothes, but no bathing-suit weekend sunbathin! but it happened.  and it felt so nice to be one with mother nature again, and on mother’s day of all days.  which I suppose helped my overall moral since I didn’t get to spend the day of mom with my own mom! not that you could even begin compare the two. my mom is a million times better than any little sun rays, just to clarify ;)  

charlie got some breaks from his alien cone. which he really doesn’t seem to mind. but still I’d imagine it would be nice to have a little time off from such a contraption wrapped around your head. and we might have snuck him by the pool one evening which he was pretty happy about. now if oooonly it wasn't against all the rules to let him jump in! discrimination!

equally as [un]important. i finally got to take my nook for a spin by the pool. reading made easier. there’s no going back now [where i ended up buying Safe Haven, which has consumed my eyes and mind for the past couple of hours.]

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jayme said...

such pretty pictures! woodford told me to tell you to give charlie this message:

"woof woof you should maneuver your way around the cone and chew it off woof woof and then chew anything else you see woof woof and then destroy only the expensive things in your house woof woof."