Friday, May 10, 2013

things! random things

one week ago i was in Nashville the beautiful [which at the time, was disguised in showers and gray skies] with an old college roomie bff of mine! boo miss her. but! its friday again and sunny and i am pretty happy about that. happy but tired, which is mostly due to the  lack of sleep that occurred [or didn't] in my world last night.  

this week brought us neuter d-day for my charlie. [just a part of growing up! i like to tell him] so last night he was trying to figure out life in a cone wrapped around his head. but he's doing pretty good despite all that! he's still the cutest. looking like a little alien or a curly head human at the beauty parlor. i have taken a good bit of pictures to document and he has given me a good bit of death looks in return. tough luck, chuck! nobody said life was easy! but we are trying to make up for it with lots of treats and a fancy new leather collar thanks to stone!

so there has been that and then a lot of Mad Men watching this week. [besides the normal work things] we had never seen it before ?!!?!?<--- that just crazy, missing out on something so good! i was a little hesitant after episode 1, season 1, with all the bad boyness of mr. don draper, but somehow we have found ourselves now on season 3. just like that, in no time at all. and i love it, i really do. but i will say, watching it episode after episode it just makes you want to scream stoooop smoking so much!!!

so there you go. happy friday and happy weekend!

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Baby Meg said...

Look at your beautiful white couch!