Monday, June 17, 2013

how to avoid 7 years of bad birthday luck

we had a little bit of a balloon dilemma while moving out of my old apartment. stones birthday balloons were still alive and kicking about a week and a half after his actual birthday, thanks to Party City and the helium-on-steroids they fill them with. which i appreciate of course, but I was moving and my life was pretty much all boxed up and had been  moved out... except for the numbers 2 & 7 still merely floating above us. They refused to deflate and I refused to pop, so we were at a standstill. i felt like doing so would be the equivalent of breaking a mirror and having 7 years of bad luck, except it would be bad birthday luck, and i don't really wish that on anyone. luckily, stone suggested we just let the balloons fly free - up in the air and find a new home. brilliance! so we went outside and after saying our final goodbye's he let the bday balloons flllllllllly and fly they did. right up into the sky. which resorted in us running down three flights of stairs to see them off... and charlie running after us so confused and excited about what his human loves were up to. and just like that, there we were, balloon free with not an ounce of bad birthday luck to worry about. crisis averted

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