Thursday, June 27, 2013

one month!

in one montharoo i will be reunited with my favorite only little brother rock-star dude who i love so much. [that really is a mouthful, but its just so dang accurate] i feel like its been forever. and ever. and ever. but really its probably just been since Christmas. and its been even longer since i've gotten to watch him and band play! i think the last time was back in October when stone and i took a little night trip to see him at the Georgia Fair. that's way too long when it comes to watching someone you love, do what they love. moments like that, they make your heart want to burst with pride and happiness and should never be so far and in-between. so, anyways, soon that kid and his bossman, Dustin Lynch and band they will be starting the big tour with Keith Urban and Little Big Town. and one of the first stops (or maybe sixth) is Georgia, the beauuutiful.  They will be playing at the Alpharetta Verizon Amphitheater and stone and i have had our tickets for the past oooh i don't know, two months. we are more than ready and i am so excited to get to spend one summer Saturday outside with friends watching some really amazing country bands. so if you live in Atlanta, what in the world are you waiting for, buy your tickets and come play! and if you don't live here, well that's okay too! because maaaybe they are playing in a city near youuu ;)


Ashleigh said...

That should be a really fun time! I hope you enjoy it :)

jayme said...

so much fun! you and your roomie should totally pretend like you don't know him and act like total groupies. i'm thinking posters, homemade t shirts, high pitched screams (but only from stone) and you get him to sign a picture of himself from like kindergarten. i always get carried away with your comments section. my bad.

Young and Fabulous said...


I wanna see YOU again missy

pretty pleeeease?