Monday, July 1, 2013

heeey june

college us! painted by one of my college roomies circa '08
silver peace dollar from my coin collecting lova
pool ladyloves
pretties from a stone // yummy cake by a mema of a stone 

last little bit of june! 


Young and Fabulous said...

rabbit rabbit rabbit!!

thought of you this AM when i said that!!

june looks awesome..i love charlaayyy lounging like that on the couch haha TOOO CUUUTE


Jennifer Lynn said...

Hey girl hey!! Could you please send me some of that delicious looking cake? And do you live near Ady? I don't live too far from Atlanta, and I keep telling her we need to get together one weekend soon. Maybe we could have a blog/ girl's weekend :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Looks fantastic!

Ashley said...

those paintings are amazing!!! your june looks so much fun!

i think your july could be fun too IFFFF we get hang out :):)

chenmeinv0 said...
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