Tuesday, July 23, 2013

when a royal babe is born, do like the British do!

i love the British monarchy, the traditions and the history. and then all the [loosely fiction based] books Philippa Gregory fills my mind with. aaand i really love the present day British monarchy, of course.  so when i heard the glorious news of the arrival of baby prince?! i mean, we just haaad to have a cheery celebratory British din.  except, i didn't really know what that meant exactly... i just knew i wanted it to happen. 

so after some searching, taaa daa! cheese toasties to the rescue. which are the simplest and basically grilled cheese with some meat and veggies. but my gooodness, they were good.  and some boddingtons pub ale, of course, to properly cheers to you, little prince!  and thanks to my stone, who i think likes these themed dinners as much as i do!


Lauren Martin said...

I'm sure you've watched Downton Abbey then!? If not, you need to! It is such a good show, so british! Love your blog by the way, hope all is well. :)

jayme said...

by "royal babe" do you mean my nephew that born yesterday too?? ahhh


Joey said...

Goodness gracious you couldn't be any cuter!

Miss Chelsea said...

How fun!

Miss Chelsea said...

How fun!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...