Thursday, August 1, 2013

beach. pirates. concert. happiness!

in less than one week, iiii will happily be in manomet the beautiful at my family’s beach house.  and for the first time ever, austin will be joining me! baseball never allowed such a trip like this to happen before, but this year! it's happening. and while he's been to manomet in the winter, he's  never gotten to experience it in all its summertime magical glory.

summers spent on this beach have been a tradition of ours forever.  once upon a time my dad and family had a summer house on this very beach, and once upon a longer time ago, so did grandmother and  family! it’s a really neat tradition and one that my dad and his [seven!] siblings have carried on with their family's too! so i've been coming here since i was teeny tiny, which just makes it even more special. and i cant wait for stone to have the great pleasure of meeting so many family loves of mine.

and since we really like do like traditions, for the past four years my parents have thrown a pirate party. one where everyone dresses up and its just so cute and fun and I mean, its themed. we love themes.  i had to missed it last year but not this year! and perfect timing really, because stone get’s to channel his inner pirate too! mwhaha that thought is just tooo good 

but laaaaastly!! us people will see colinboy in concert form! the Light the Fuse Tour will be playing about 40 minutes from our beach house, so parents, austin, sister and i are all going. oh yes, and about thirty [!!!] other family members and friend loves! everyone has their tickets and cowboy boots and are just so looking forward to watching Colin on that big, big stage playing with Dustin. and for a lot of them, it will be their first time. one biiiiiiiiig family tailgate in the parking lot beforehand. i cant put into words how perfect that sounds to me. 

 sooo patience Chelsea! patience! it will be here soon!