Monday, August 5, 2013

just a big ole thanks to my friend, technology

puppy and his bear // another broken egg cafe.......again!
king of the playground!
triple decker club, please. #bathingsuitseason #whatever 

you know what! i'm feeling really quite thankful for my beloved camera and iphone right now. and their glorious inventors who provided us all with such great devises. i like moments. and i really love being able to capture them, freeze them right there in time. those "aaah this is perfect" moments, pretty day moments, reaaaaally tasty food moments. and i for one, love looking back at them. they make me happy. and sometimes hungry. but still happy. so these are just a little bit of my moments from the past week/weekend.

[and sure, because this is life and it ain't always perfection, well, just don't freeze those moments! ;) problem solved!]


BKCsquared said...

Oh my gosh, I love your hashtags on that sandwich picture (which looks INCREDIBLE by the way)!! That's totally my attitude & I love that I'm not alone!

xo, B

Jessica Wray | PEONY said...

I couldn't agree more. We are so lucky to be able to snap photos so easily. I love moments too

ShareLove BeYou said...

Love this blog!Id be so grateful if you could follow mines and share the link. My blog is to help teenagers/adults who find it hard to be themselves and fall under the pressure of bullying!

Thank you so much xoxox