Friday, September 13, 2013

8 things on the 13th! because 13 is just too many

1. happy Friday the 13th to yooou! these realizations always make me initially think ahh! scary! but then i have to remember 13 is really just a misunderstood number with a bad wrap.  its brought the world a lot of good things, like taylor swift, my mommy and bff of mine too! so happy day to you! but i will still probably proceed a little cautiously... just in case.

2. my sweet charlie turns ONE next week! one! i keep asking stone, do we need to have a theme? what should i make? who should we invite? really, all we [i] decided on currently is that all gifts must be wrapped.   i can't quite imagine how i’ll be one day when i have a human babe of my own. i suspect, like i currently am. x 10. 

3. revenge! [more specifically, revenge, season 2] it has my eyes and mind and nightmares all wrapped up into it lately. and I have about two episodes left to watch so i am really happy to say thank you season 3 for premiering at the end of this month. just thank you. i always like to recap the episodes to stone because he finds the amount of crazy that goes on sort of funny.  “sooo in the last episode... 2 people died, one is in critical condition, a boat blew up, eetc.” [<--- that all happened.  but revenge, its basically like the magical person who can just pull of  anything]

4. last friday i got to reunite with 3 high school loves of mine! and we concluded: we haven’t changed. not one bit. sure okay, a little wiser and all that jazz, but we are the same old girlz!  and i love that the most about us.

5. i talked to my nana and papa on the phone last night and after we hung up i just cried happy tears. because those people! you call them, they hear your voice and its like you gave them one million dollars out of the blue, such happiness! they are sweet souls. so call your g-parents!

6. char and i spotted a little butterfly hanging out in our neck of the woods the other night. she was the fanciest. and stayed still just long enough for me to paparazzi her. thanks b-fly! you can see her here if you'd like!

7. stone and i heard about this particular twerking fail video floating around in internetland so we watched. and re-watched and got such a kick out of it. but then!!! joke was really on us.   just so happens jimmy kimmel was in on it, and the girl, was a stunt lady. clever, clever people.

8. a sweet cousins of mine won dustin lynchs biggest fan! she wrote the cutest entry and it maybe helped a little that his bass playin' bandmate is actually her cousin [and my brother!] regardless, wooo! tampa concert, here she comes!

.........happy FRIDAY!

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Ashley said...

Charlie Babe is almost one?! Where has the time gone? I need to meet this muffin...but probably not because he may end up in my purse ;)