Wednesday, September 25, 2013

char-tley & the river

charlie and i took stone on a little trip to our new favorite river spot the other weekend. we met my human girl bff [who blogs too!] and charlies puppy bff there as well! ive said it before, but this place!! its perfection. And it makes the whole charlie, this is water, water this is charlie introduction so much easier. plus it’s the very best to have my human girl bff there with her doggie because she is such a good animal role model for him! charlie just follows right along.  plus i like to create celebrity couples names for the two... chart-ley (charlie and hartley) deeeestiny!

so anyways, this water puppy of mine, hes getting the hang of it! little by little! just hoping we can squeeze in a couple more trips before falls chilliness takes over  [ahh! this makes me sad. must stay fall focused. pumpkins. pumpkins. pumpkins]