Tuesday, September 10, 2013

river play dating!

over the weekend charlie and i gathered up our swimming gear and went on a little play date with a couple of human and puppy friends of ours! my charlie is a Portuguese water dog, so you know, i really want him to embrace his inner water dogness and swim his doggy paddling fish heart out.  it’s just sometimes a little bit difficult to expose his beginner self to water around these parts. buuut this little river space we were introduced to!! it was such a hidden gem! there were so many happy puppies splashing and running around leash-less and we were able to actually walk right into the water.  my puppy love grew even more watching him swim. oooooo my heart. he is the cutest. a little baby! he sort of had this jumping/swim combination going on, [much like that one time in fl] but he wasn't afraid and i was so very proud! sometimes, he just really feels like a this little human to me, this was one of those moments.  so, now that we have discovered this little river spot, we plan on coming back until atlanta temperatures get a bit colder and say no more! but for now! it's still summer, and we've got ourselves a water puppy in training!